Collection: Cloudie® Luxe

The Cloudie Luxe is a blanket hoodie made from luxury fleece. There are times when we dream of having our baby blanket back. We got you covered!

This newest premium collection is the most luxurious Cloudie Blanket Hoodie yet. Its incredibly-soft, durable and lightweight material makes it perfect to stay comfortable to snuggle up on the couch or move with ease. No thick layers here, if you want something a little less bulky than the Cloudie Original, this is for you!

It is suitable for all seasons. No matter the weather, this versatile fleece blanket is here to wrap you up in a comfy touch of texture! Definitely the perfect way to stay warm and cozy in this tropical weather. Plus, you can just toss this in the wash without worry of messing up the fabric and the best part is, it’s hypoallergic too!

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